Conscious sports betting without dangerous strategies

Conscious sports betting

Conscious sports betting without dangerous strategies

Sports betting means something different to everyone. Some people only bet as a hobby, when they have a little extra money. Some people only play when they see their favorite team as a real contender. But there are determined people like you and us who want to win. We know that profitable betting is not just a matter of luck. Before I get into our methods, let’s take a look at some popular but risky betting systems.

Online betting strategies

Only at your own risk! The beauty of sports betting is that there are plenty of strategies, and of course everyone swears by the one they use. Let’s take a look at a few just to get an idea of what the different methods are like.

Martingale method

Conscious sports betting

Have you ever heard of the Martingale method? We say it’s really only for those with bottomless wallets (and want to empty it :/). If you don’t know it yet, we will show you what this method is all about. The point is that you started the betting series with the amount of 1 unit and each time you double the bet until you win, then you start again. Let’s look at an example for better understanding: 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512 = you lost 1023 units, but let’s say you win the next time, then you won 2046 units, which brings back your previous losses . But since your loss was 2045 units up to that point, you only won 1 unit in the final result. So you risked a lot for little gain. Not to mention that it is impossible to know how many games are needed to win.

Draw strategy

A draw strategy is similar to the Martingale method, since you have to double the stakes as in the previous case, but here we have to specify every single time that the team will play a draw, then we will be happy if it turns out that way. We also recommend this if you have a lot of extra money, as this doubling method is not a budget-friendly solution. If you do decide to do so, I recommend that you take a good look at which team you are going to choose, what proportion of draws they have played so far, and who they will face in the near future. For this strategy, it is recommended to have a very good understanding of the sport!

A bet against yourself

Conscious sports betting

The other element “strategy” (if you can really call it that) is based on the simple principle that everywhere you do what you wouldn’t otherwise do. That is, if you think one team will score a lot of goals, bet on the opposite and so on.

Even-odd strategy

In this case, a bet must be placed on whether the final outcome of the match will be even or odd. It’s a bit like always betting on red on the roulette table. Of course, here too, the stakes must be raised until we win.

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