Online sports betting. Okay, but which sport?

Online sports betting

Online sports betting. Okay, but which sport?

It really depends on a lot of things. On the one hand, it is definitely worth choosing a sport that you know well! Not only the rules, but also the teams and players. With this, you can gain a significant advantage over your fellow players who are interested in online sports betting, who just “blindly” bet money on a single match or race. If you already know the rules, we assume that you are interested in the given sport anyway, which will make online sports betting even more exciting for you. By the way, in addition to the classic options, you can now place your bet on, for example, esports players and esports teams playing computer games at a master level! The selection is amazingly colorful.

The most popular sports available in online sports betting are:

  • American football sports betting
  • Table tennis sports betting
  • Baseball sports betting
  • Esports sports betting
  • F1 sports betting
  • Football sports betting
  • Lawn football sports betting
  • Hockey sports betting
  • Handball sports betting
  • Basketball sports betting
  • Cricket sports betting
  • Horse racing sports betting
  • MotoGP sports betting
  • Rugby sports betting
  • Volleyball sports betting
  • Snooker sports betting
  • Winter and Summer Olympics sports betting
  • Tennis sports betting

What basic betting types are available on online sports betting sites?

Online sports betting

The basic betting types are usually available at all online sports betting sites. Of course, there are seemingly small, but still important differences, so before betting on sports online, it is definitely worth getting to know the rules of the bookmaker office thoroughly. In addition, of course, the type of bet that is available also depends on the specific sport (e.g. in the case of tennis, you cannot bet on a draw, as it is played until there is no winner, while a draw can occur in a football match, of course not in the BL final).

Let’s take a look at the most common online sports betting options:


Betting on the final result (Full Time): You bet on the final result of the game, i.e. the result given after the end of the playing time.

Betting on the result of the half time (Half Time): In contrast to the previous one, here you can bet on the current result during the half time.

Half Time and Full Time bet (Half Time + Full Time): This type of bet is a combination of the previous two, that is, within the framework of the bet, you place a bet on the half time and the final result of the game at the same time.

DNB betting (Draw No Bet): Essentially, you bet on a non-tie, that is, that someone will definitely win. Of course, this betting type is only available for events where a draw is possible.

Double Chance bet: We bet on two of the three possible results – home win, draw, away win – (so let’s say with X2 on a draw or a win for the away team).

Handicap betting: If e.g. the difference between the two football teams is big, then the bookmakers can give an advantage to the weaker team, e.g. they say that the weaker league starts with a 2-goal advantage, which affects the final result accordingly, of course only on paper and with this specific bet. For example, in a Fradi-Újpest match, a 2-goal advantage is calculated for Újpest, i.e. the handicap will be 0:2. In the match, Fradi wins 1:0, but the result of the Handicap bet will be 1:2, so those who bet on it will win.

In addition, there are also many result types of bets that can be linked to the result of the specific sports competition (e.g. the number of goals in a football match or the number of double faults in a tennis competition).

Live online sports betting, worth a try?

Online sports betting

In any case, as this brings extra excitement to online sports betting, which is of course not boring anyway. In the framework of live online sports betting, you do not place a bet on a quantifiable result related to a match before the match, but during the match (this is the so-called live betting). As a result, you can react live to a lot of unexpected events that even upset the paper form, and thus you can make new bets based on the changed circumstances. Thanks to this, you can increase your chances of winning, and you can significantly reduce your losses in the event of a really unexpected, otherwise extremely unlikely, adverse event for you.

THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE OF LIVE ONLINE SPORTS BETTING IS THAT THE odds change during the sports event, which you can react to immediately.

Sports betting from and on mobile phones. Possible?

Yes, today online sports betting can also be done easily from a mobile phone. Online bookmakers have also realized that we use our smartphones more and more willingly to surf the Internet, and of course also for sports betting. That is why more and more online casinos and sites specializing in online betting provide a separate application or a site that is optimized for mobile.

Online sports betting from a mobile phone differs essentially only in its appearance from when we bet online on a computer, sitting in front of a monitor. All functions, all online betting options are available from a mobile or tablet as well as from a desktop computer.

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