The 5 most spectacular hotels and casino in Las Vegas

casino in Las Vegas

The 5 most spectacular hotels and casino in Las Vegas

We are in an easy position to look for spectacular casinos in Las Vegas, because everything is about luxury, luxury, glitter. Walking through the main street of the city, we don’t have to look for the excitement or the casinos, as we face us every second, just win our heads. Still, there are some hotel casino combo that is a must for us, if we are so lucky to spend a few days in this unreasonable gambling tomato.

The main street of Las Vegas, the nearly 7 km long Strip, with huge and spectacular hotel complexes on both sides, often have 3000 or even 6,000 rooms. However, on the ground floor of these gigantic hotels, it is not the triumvirates of the usual restaurant reception rooms, but mainly the thousands of four-meters of casinos. Where the eye is ringing, glittering-flashing flips, slot machines, card tables, elegant sink carpets, and of course lots of tourists. The public squares of the hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, casinos are completely open, so masses of tourists go out and out of the street and enjoy the bustling mood that is not anywhere else.

But what should we not miss if we can once be part of this cocktail, cheerful, swirling crowd?

1. Bellagio

  Let’s start with one of the best known Bellagio. In October 1998, the 3933 rooms and casino, one of the most special and most elegant hotels on Strip, were opened. Its wonderful, elegant form was copied from the legendary Bellagio hotel next to the Italian Lake Como. Its main attraction is the huge 32,000 sqm fountain in front of the hotel, performing a fantastic, spectacular musical water game every 15-30 minutes. More than 1,000 jets of water dance to rhythm, and since it is directly on the strip, there is always a huge crowd admiring the performance. The most beautiful in the evening, of course, when not only the fountain but also the whole area swims in colorful light. The main attractions of the hotel are also the elegant beach that reflects the Italian style, the greenhouse, the Fine Arts Gallery, the Tuscan Watercount and the Cirque de Soleil circus. But among them, the casino, which is no less elegant and luxury than the hotel, stands out.

2. Caesars

casino in Las Vegas

The 3348 Room is an elegant Caesars Palace hotel and a casino opened between Bellagio and Mirage in August 1966. It has six spectacular towers with its own names: Augustus, Centurion, Roman, Palace, Octavius and Forum. This is the only hotel in Las Vegas that hits the World Series of Poker events. The hotel includes the Caesars Palace Colosseuma, a 4296 -seat lecture hall originally built on the show “The New Day …”, but since then many world -famous performers have performed here, including Elton John, Cher, Cher, Bette Midler, Gloria Estefan …. The hotel’s most popular nightclub is “Pure”, a 3700 Nm2 club that countless celebrities regularly visit if you want to let go of steam. Here you can also find the Forum Shops, a luxury shopping center with 160 stores and 11 special luxury restaurants. The specialty of the shopping center is a spectacular fountain of Fall of Atlantis, which we can admire all year round, as the business center is open every day of the year, 24 hours a day. Of course, the casino is Italian -style, beautiful and gigantic, gigantic gaming machines to walk for hours if you feel like it.

3. MGM Grand

The 30-story, 89-meter-high MGM Grand hotel and casino, which opened its doors in 1993, is the third largest hotel in the world and the United States: it has 6,852 (!) rooms and suites. You can imagine how many people are crowded in it, if we only count that two people stay in each room. Almost 14 thousand people… And then we didn’t even count the staff. In front of the huge blue building stands a gigantic bronze lion, which, with a height of 14 meters and a weight of 50 tons, is the largest bronze statue in America. The hotel is so big that 93 elevators transport hotel guests from morning to night. The floor plan of the hotel was designed in such a way that no matter where you go, you cannot avoid the casino in the central part and the gaming machines, as the way to the elevators, rooms and restaurants leads between them. But who would want to avoid it? This hotel also houses the 35,000 m2 MGM Grand Garden Arena with a capacity of 16,800 people, where, for example, professional boxing galas are organized. In addition, there are 5 swimming pools, a river, a waterfall, a circus, a theater, a television research center, as well as the unmissable, previously mentioned casino, which covers 16,000 square meters. After hearing all this, no one can be surprised by the name of the hotel, ‘grand’, which means huge…


casino in Las Vegas

The 45-story, 10,300 sq.m., 2,716-room Wynn Hotel and Casino, considered one of the most beautiful hotels in the world by Forbes magazine, opened its doors on April 28, 2005. One of the most interesting parts of the hotel-casino, in addition to the luxury shops of the Wynn Esplanade Shoppes, is the Penske Wynn Ferrari-Maserati car showroom, which is also the only official dealer in the state of Nevada. In addition, we can find here such specialties as the Le Réve show, the Garth Brooks theater, and the Encore Beach open-air club. The casino, which covers several thousand square meters, is modern and bustling, very popular with tourists. The hotel’s all-you-can-eat restaurant occupies a central position and, like the huge lobby, resembles a fairy’s colorful, airy flower garden. If you’re there, you shouldn’t miss it, just like its casino!


The Venetian Hotel and Casino is a real luxury hotel with 4,059 rooms and an 11,000 m2 casino. The hotel has nothing to do with it, as all the essential elements of Venice in Italy can be found here, from the canal with green water to the gondolas, from the sumptuous, gold-patterned frescoes to St. Mark’s Square. Its interior was designed in such a way that one can walk under a blue sky, in small Italian alleys, among gondola tourists, while coming across a bunch of luxury shops, cafes and restaurants. In front of the hotel’s entrance is the Szent Márk square bell tower, a 145-meter high replica of the Campanile, next to it is the Sóhajok bridge. Here, you can meditate outside in front of the hotel, but also in the interior spaces. The hotel’s most famous entertainment venue is TAO, which also houses a 20-meter-high Buddha statue. The casino, just like the hotel, has an Italian atmosphere and is the sumptuous venue for the highlight of our Las Vegas experience, the jack pot…

The Venetian, like the other special luxury hotel-casinos mentioned above, is a must when visiting Las Vegas!

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