Classic online slot machine vs. video online slot machine

Classic online slot machine

Nowadays, the boundaries between slot machines have become quite blurred, each online slot machine is equipped with a lot of functions, realistic graphics and animations, and it is increasingly difficult to divide them into categories. In the past, various slot machines were divided into different categories according to their nature and purpose, according to the number of paylines, reels, bonuses, animated graphics, etc. according to Online slots tried to copy and then improve classic mechanical slot machines. Nowadays, when a slot machine is completely displayed by a software, it is not at all an outstanding thing if a slot machine is equipped with animations, in fact it is the minimum, because these days it costs nothing for the software to display animations and sophisticated graphics.

The so-called video slot machines were a category of slot machines that did not use mechanical reels, but their graphics were displayed entirely by a computer on a screen. These were essentially the direct ancestors of today’s online slot machines, because these slot machines no longer had the restrictions and limits typical of mechanical slot machines, they were equipped with more than 50 symbols, in which there was already a chance of 300 million to one. Video slots were the first to bring multimedia experiences, animations, lots of movement, happenings, built-in mini-games, bonuses, all in a modern guise behind a modern flat screen. The events are accompanied by animations in the game, compared to classic, mechanical slot machines, there were a lot of events in the video slot machines, it was similar to an interactive story. The video slot has brought about an improved generation of slot machines, in which the computer is now able to create an infinite number of functions and create colorful graphics, animations and an interactive user experience that is only limited by the imagination.

Today’s modern online slot machines are essentially improved versions of video slots, which you can now play not in a room set up in an entertainment unit, but on any suitable device of your own, be it your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Modern slot machines have brought the improved offer and atmosphere of the old gaming halls and casinos to the players. The category of video slots, i.e. video slot machines, still lives on in online casino offerings to some extent, thereby preserving its roots, as if referring to the past, even though the field of slot machines is currently quite uniform in this regard. Video slots essentially copied mechanical slots on a software basis, and today’s online slots are the improved, modern versions of these machines.


Classic online slot machine

One of the important parameters of modern online slot machines is the number of paylines. The more paylines you wait with, the greater the player’s theoretical possibility of spinning a winning pattern. The old, classic slot machines were equipped with between 3 and 5 paylines. By now, the game developers have created mechanisms responsible for countless winnings, as a result of which you no longer have to pay attention to the classic winning lines, but completely different mechanics can also be responsible for the winnings. Adjacent, tangential placement of identical symbols, the “megaways” system, or the “all ways playing” mechanic. You can always find the game mechanics of the machine and how the prizes are generated in the instructions for use of the given game.

Since video slot machines were no longer bound by the classic, literal structural mechanical structure, there was no longer any obstacle to changing, further developing, or even partially reforming the game mechanics. In online slots, you will find improved systems of video slots that have brought new gameplay and excitement.

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