Jackpot values in online slots

Jackpot values

In terms of jackpots and progressive prizes, there is not much difference between classic and more modern slot machines, because huge prizes have already been built into the older machines. In more modern slot machines, you can reach the maximum jackpot value if you hit the top prize with the maximum bet, while the old machines also gave out the maximum top prize with the given, smaller bet. Nevertheless, video and online slots can also hold very nice jackpots. In terms of payout percentages, there can be differences between classic and modern slot machines, so it is worth browsing the terms of use of the given online casino or game for the exact parameters and features.

Frequency of game releases

Jackpot values

In terms of the rhythm of new games, online slots are unbeatable, because new games arrive almost every week or every month. In the case of classic slots, the rhythm is much slower. The old slot machines are based on classic foundations, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Classic slot machines are confined to limited technical possibilities, which is supported by the mechanical structure, but in return they give a classic slot machine experience and huge prizes. In the case of modern video and online slots, in terms of technology, the only limit is your imagination, but you can hit the maximum prize only with the maximum bet. Online slots have countless mini-games, improvements, reformed systems, and even newer online slots are appearing at a huge pace. I agree with the truth that this fast pace of development is not always an advantage, because these games often do not represent the pinnacle of innovation, but rather slavish copying of previous ones and minimal changes and variations of its elements. This reminds me of the classic joke of the L’art pour l’art troupe that “it’s not delicious, but it’s a lot”. This is also the case with modern online slot machines, that even if a new slot machine appears every week, it is not necessarily good, in fact, many times the player wishes that a particular developer would appear infrequently, but then with a really outstanding end result. Another advantage of fast-paced game releases is that among the many fresh games, there are some really good ones.

Variance and RTP

Jackpot values

In terms of variance, the field of classic and online slot machines goes head to head, in the case of old and modern machines you will find slot machines with low, medium and high variance. You will find the variance level you are looking for in each field. Video and today’s modern online slots also have a wide range of variance.

The RTP, i.e. the Return To Player indicator, is higher in today’s modern slot machines, so the online slot machine returns a certain percentage of the sums paid into the slot machine during its life cycle. Today’s modern slot machines have an RTP indicator of around 96%, i.e. the slot machine returns 96% of the deposited money in the form of prizes. Attention, this does not mean that for the given player, so if you sit down to play for an hour, you will get back 96% of the money you paid, but the machine during its entire life cycle, applied to all players, will refund 96% of the money they paid back. This ratio could easily mean that individual players are losing a lot of money. The RTP indicators therefore tip the scales towards modern slot machines, new slot machines return an increasing percentage of the paid amounts, so the theoretical chance of winning is higher. In terms of variance, you will find something to your liking in every position.

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